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31st-Dec-2014 09:11 pm - [sticky post] Intro Post =D
Those who added me without leaving me a comment in this post will be ignored!
Hey guys,this is Yuki aka Yong Ling who is also a huge fan of Hey!Say!JUMP ~
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I will inform all the buyers once I had distributed the tshirts, so please don't keep sending me emails when I will post the tshirt to you because I am not the one who print the tshirts, I am just taking the orders and I will only have the stocks once the printing is done. Thank you.

Pre-order details:
Please note that this pre-order needs a minimum total no. of 20pcs orders for each design.If the total no. of orders doesn't reach 20,this pre-order will be cancelled.

*This pre-order is opened to all international buyers.Shipping will be from Malaysia.
*The tshirts will be done around 2-3 weeks after the payment dateline.
*The printed Tshirts will never be flawless since it's not printed by me.
*No money refund on return of tshirt(s).

ARASHI RM35, USD 11.5, SGD 14.5
*click on images for larger view*
ARASHI sample black
ARASHI sample white

Hey!Say!JUMP RM35, USD 11.5, SGD 14.5
*click on images for larger view*
hsj black
hsj white sample

Tshirt details:
*100% cotton, round neck, 180 gsm
*only the colors shown are available
*to be printed using silkscreen printing which the colors on the printing won't fade
*International buyers who are interested please don't hesitate to ask about shipping cost using registered airmail which can be tracked :)

Price of tshirt: RM35, USD 11.5, SGD 14.5 (Price does not include shipping & 5% paypal charge for paypal user)
*Please add additional RM3 for long sleeve

Shipping(available for 2 tshirts): Pos Laju to west M’sia RM7 East M’sia RM10 ,order more than 3 pcs are to be calculated
Order dateline: 25 August 2013 (might extend or shorten this period due to certain situations)
Payment dateline: 25 August 2013
Accepted payment method: maybank,cimb,paypal

T-shirt size charts:
Please measure one of your favourite tshirt so that you will be able to get the size of tshirt that fits you.

Note:There there may be slight variations between shirts and the measurements shown due to textile and production process.Click on the size chart to enlarge it. The sizes are the same for both long and short sleeve.

Place your order(s) here: CLICK

Please do check your email inbox frequently for payment details and any updates.
Feel free to leave me a comment if you have any doubts or would like to ask for the total price including shipping :)
Thank you for reading^^
19 June 2012
The tshirts have just arrived today.
Please head over to this post.
Email/pm me or comment below for pw.

22nd-Feb-2011 10:45 pm - Yamada & Chinen Desktop Wallpapers
Konbanwa~I'm here to share the wallies I just made~
I can't use them though..cuz I'm using my home computer..not getting my own laptop yet..my little brother said he wants the other pic to be used as the wallpaper T_T 
Anyway,I hope you guys will like these and use them as your wallpaper~I just simple edited them cuz I love simple wallies~If you felt like your desktop icons are blocking the Chinen's wp,you may flip it horizontally using those picture editing programs or Microsoft Office Picture Manager~

Sizes available:

240*320   1024*768  1280*720  1280*800  1440*900  1680*1080

below are the previews:

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21st-Feb-2011 11:01 am - Updates~
 I felt like this journal is going to be dead,lol..I wonder why I became so lazy to update my journal since this year><
Staying at home the whole day and waiting for SPM results to be released,nothing to do at all except for helping my friends to do his mug sale and some replica tee sales..haish.
Anyway,just to share with you guys that I just started my car driving lesson last Tuesday and it's fun learning how to drive~
Although there're lots of rules and ways to be learned,like how to work with the gear,handbrake,steering etc,but I do enjoy learning them,just the problem is that the weather on that day was kinda hot.I was sweating during the whole lesson,no air conditioner is available though T_T

Well,I'm going to share with you guys some cute comic version of Yuto and Yamada~It's Yamajima biased XD
Hope you all will like those pictures~~sugoku kawaii! n_n

more under cut~!Collapse )
28th-Jan-2011 12:45 pm - Chinen Desktop Wallpaper~
I just made a chiii wallpaper yesterday night~
The original pic is from POPOLO March~
Thanks to Momozzz for the scans~
Chii looks so kawaii <3
credits me if you're going to re-post ne~~comments are love~

Sizes available:
1024*768 1280*720 1280*800 1440*900 1680*1080

small preview:

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Well,it's been a while for me to post in my own journal.
Today I'm writing here to share with you guys my first and second paper craft models~
I made a bento set and a toy shop~

CUT CUT <3Collapse )
Mostly are Yamada's papa,sorry for the yamada biased xD

Scans full credits to Irene12712@baidu and me for re-up only.

Size of scans: 1000

Small preview:

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